Massive Post

After days of studying for exams, it is finally over. I am creating a massive to post to make up for the “1 post a day” that I used to do before I hit exam times. After today, it will be back to 1 or more a day. Here is a list of a bunch of songs I thought were pretty good. Ill label them for whichever genre they are, as well as give you a link to their soundcloud page.

 Archie – Kingdom (Club Mix) [Progressive House]

 Koven – More Than You [Dubstep]

 Ming – Victim (Monolythe VIP Remix) [House]

 Unlike Pluto – Girl Walk This Plank [Dubstep]

 Jurasik – Cold Blooded [Dubstep]

 Schoolboy – Project No-Autotune [Dubstep]

 Dj Swoon & Rasta SeanSauce – Rasta Pasta [Dubstep]

 Flinch – Daily Dose Mix For BBC 1 Xtra [Mix]

 Krewella – Troll Mix Vol. 2 Road To Ultra [Mix]


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