Spag Heddy – Pink Koeks & Spunk Moovs (2 Songs)

Today I’ve got two songs by Spag Heddy. These are the two main songs from the EP Pink Koeks. I got these two from and, however if you want to buy it, you can go to beatport and purchase it there. They are two amazing songs and you can tell they are Spag Heddy. Anyways, go ahead and support him and make sure you follow him if you haven’t already. I’ve been following this guy for a while and he’s always seemed to impress me. Here are the songs.

Spag Heddy: Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Soundcloud / Beatport



Hellberg & Deutgen vs Splitbreed – Collide (The Remixes) (Monstercat)

Today, Monstercat just released the remixes for Colllide by Hellberg & Deutgen vs Splitbreed. Its a collection of 7 tracks, most of them being electro house or electro. I was waiting for this ever since I heard a preview of the remix done by Astronaut & Barely Alive. It’s a collection of good songs and I like that Monstercat does these remixes with several artists every once in a while. I also got the option to see new artists (that I haven’t heard of before) like Charity Strike & Stiletto. I hope you guys enjoy these as much as a did and you can also buy all the songs on beatport now to support the artists.

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Wave Racer – Rock U Tonite (CRNKN Remix)

This is my first trap song I’ve ever posted. Yes, trap is probably one of the most hated genre, however I still believe that some trap is still very nice sounding. This isn’t the pinnacle of trap songs, but It’s still a great tune by someone I’ve never heard before, so It’s always good to learn new artists. is offering this song free of download so enjoy!

CRKNK: Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud
Wave Racer: Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud

EH1DE – Drone (Monsters With Tiny Moustaches Remix)

Following the last post of EH!DE, I’ve found another song, this time remixed by Monsters With Tiny Moustaches. What a great name, eh? This song is of course better than the name and I feel like its a true remix. It keeps the original aspects of the song, but provides just enough to change it from the original. This song is not for free, but can be purchased through beatport. Please check out EH!DE and MWTM (That’s the name I’m giving them) as they produce some real good music.

EH!DE: Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud / YouTube / Beatport
Monsters With Tiny Moustaches: Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud

EH!DE & Different Heaven – My Heart

A hour ago, EH!DE released this song and I will really impressed. There is something about this song that I find different to others, but I’m not exactly sure what that is. I’ve released just fully explored EH1DE’s music and I’ve never heard of Different Heaven so I am sure going to check him out soon. In addition to this great song, it is free to download so you might as well go download it. 

EH!DE: Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud / YouTube / Beatport
Different Heaven: Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud / YouTube